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Dr Christopher McKee is an international political economist, entrepreneur, investor, and CEO and Owner of the PRS Group Inc., and Gavea Emerging Markets Corporation.  With offices in Syracuse, New York, Vancouver, London, and near Charleston, Christopher’s firms, and their globally-stationed analysts, work together to provide proprietary, quant-based political and country risk forecasting to some of the world’s largest institutional investors, multinational firms, think tanks, multilateral institutions, and major universities. Christopher has authored several publications dealing with business and risk, and is recognized internationally and by Canadian judicial authorities as a specialist in country risk assessment.  McKee actively discusses the impact of political and country risk on asset behavior in developed, emerging, and frontier markets, and has been interviewed or quoted by such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Latin Finance, Inc. Magazine, Institutional Investor, Euromoney, Reuters, Esquire, In the Black, CIO, and has appeared on CNBC. 



Established in 1979 and headquartered near Syracuse, New York, PRS has long been a global leader in the provision of political and country risk assessments. Originally the Political Risk Services division of Frost & Sullivan, Inc. and then of UK-based IBC Group (now known as Informa), the company kept its original focus on political and country risk analysis and became independent in 1999. PRS covers over 140 developed, emerging and frontier markets. With a quantitative focus to all of its risk ratings and forecasts, the firm assesses the impact of political and country on multinational business operations and on the major asset classes.