For nearly 40 years, The PRS Group has made global investment more predictable and profitable.  The firm’s unique, quant-driven political and country risk analyses, forecasting, and data series have been proven remarkably accurate.  Barron’s has cited the firm’s risk portfolios as returning 20% plus annually.

The world’s largest institutional investors rely on proprietary products developed by PRS, as do leading central banks, multilateral organizations, transnational firms, and globally-recognized research scientists. The firm’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of political risk, now through the use of artificial intelligence - combined with its work in litigation support and anti-corruption measures - makes PRS relevant to its clients’ proprietary interests, setting it apart from others in the sector.

The work of PRS has helped investors and central banks develop new portfolio positions and hedge across a range of countries and asset classes. Transnational firms use the firm’s forecasts to employ sensitive risk management stratagems and employ our data to determine realistic hurdle rates and sovereign risk analyses. Academics and multilateral organizations have access to a credible data series with which to further their own research agendas.

Data and forecasts by PRS are consistently and independently back-tested for relevance and accuracy by such organizations as the IMF and by scholars at leading universities, including the Fuqua School of Business and the National Bureau of Economic Research.

PRS is one of a dozen firms globally to supply Transparency International with data for its annual Perception Index. The firm’s ratings and data has been used to settle commercial disputes. PRS is the only firm in the political risk sector to be genuinely recognized by judicial bodies as authorities in field.

Highly valuable…for the development and implementation of anti-corruption practices.

Dr Jin-young Kwak,
Vice-Chair of South Korea’s Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission