Christopher McKee is an international political economist, global investor, entrepreneur, publisher, and CEO and Owner of The PRS Group Inc. – for nearly four decades, the world’s leading quant-driven political and country risk and forecasting firm. Clients of PRS include the world’s largest institutional investors, trans-national firms, multilateral organizations, hedge funds, central banks, sovereign wealth funds, and leading academic institutions.

For over a decade, Christopher has led the internationally-acclaimed International Country Risk Guide (ICRG), and is recognized by judicial bodies as an authority in political and country risk assessment.

A former faculty member at the University of British Columbia, Christopher has fundamentally changed the way political risk has been conducted by marrying independently back-tested ICRG data with artificial intelligence and machine learning through a unique partnership with Queen’s University and the Center for Computer Analytics.

Christopher appears regularly in the press, and has been interviewed or quoted by such publications as The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, The Times of London, Institutional Investor, Euromoney, Modern Trader, Wealth Manager, Esquire, Private Equity International, and has appeared on CNBC.


For 40 years, The PRS Group has been the world's leading quant-driven political and country risk forecasting and rating firm. From its genesis as joint research between the Maxwell School (Syracuse University) and the CIA and US State Department, the firm later became the Political Risk Services division of Frost & Sullivan, and then of UK-based IBC Group (now known as Informa). Fully independent, PRS is the only firm that combines its proprietary risk data with artificial intelligence and machine learning, covering 140 developed, emerging and frontier markets.

Cited as a “leading organization in investment risk analysis” by hedge fund investor Jim Rogers, and as 'the most authoritative in the field' by leading research scientists, PRS' risk-driven investment portfolios have produced returns of over 20%. The firm has been profiled in Barron's, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and CNBC. 

…Reflects current events in a way structural measures cannot.

Professor Robert Weiner
George Washington University School of Business